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I made http://chat.meatspac.es, http://revisit.link and this thing! @ednapiranha on Twitter

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This month's goal. Make music in Reason using only one synth per track. But it can use multiple effects. All drone, all the time.
Wow a lot of people have visited this site in the past few days! Pretty amazing participation and posts too :)

I've also noticed that my Twilio charges are starting to go up higher than expected in such a short period of time.

Since I have no plans on making this into a monetizable 'product' nor making some silly startup, I'll likely have to figure out some way to set up donations for this project to just cover the minimal expenses. Any ideas that you all have for where I could link donations to Twilio or it'll just have to be the ghetto way?

Also, happy days-are-slowly-getting-longer month!
I am at a cabin in the woods with really crappy wifi so I am doing my best at monitoring pull requests (added isaacs as a core contributor!) and am reading all your end of year posts! 

Once I get back into civilization with real LTE and wifi I will resume the daily tech chores. Happy end of 2014 and start of 2015!
As I age, I too feel the indifference about wanting to learn new languages/frameworks/etc. It's all revisiting the same mistakes in a different shade. A different texture. And in the end a different person's mind.

We aren't their mind. They aren't us. But we try to understand them in order to understand ourselves. Sometimes the competitive aspect of this removes the human maturity process of it all.

Sometimes I think people who want to chase their tails like overly excited dogs will do so until they too will get tired and be where we are at. They will realize that they are tired and not that much further from where anyone else is.

I think this is the best part of being 'more' experienced - realizing it is just all a process of everyone saying 'I have no idea what I am doing and I want others to acknowledge my existence through my ideas. Anyone listening?'
12 yr old did all the work, the 6 yr old was just watching movies. 12 yr old said 'why is this module named after her? I'm doing all the work!'

Then I said 'welcome to open source drama' *chuckles*
Reflections on diverse experiences

As I sit in this car en route to a cabin in the mountains, I think about the kinds of experiences people in the tech industry have and what kind of bubble it causes in their perceptions.

I think about when I go to my tattoo artist and see his technical skills and the bubble that his world of work is in. They also talk about going to conferences, seeing other artists in other cities, etc.

I think about people who work as cooks at restaurants both fancy and not, what their bubbles are like. What do they talk about? What are their thoughts?

Then I think about little villages like this BBS project. What do you think about?
Jason, I feel the same about CSS. Having worked with it since the early 2000s and watching it "progress" I'm not really sure anything about it makes sense (to me).

I have a love/hate relationship with it - I love it because I am so familiar with the basics (am in no way an expert at the newer tricks and techniques) that it makes it easy to use it as some sort of playground for coming up with visual concepts.

On the other hand when shit gets complicated it starts getting really complicated. And the weird rituals and rules we need to get around it - that I can never see as acceptable. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and grumpy.
Time and time again I know friends and acquaintances that are able to create various creative projects/products/services but are terrified of "shipping" the initial version.

There was a point in my mid-20s when I had a quarter-life crisis and went into some anxiety and depression which froze me from actually producing any work even though I knew I was capable of doing so.

I ended up getting some help and was able to just focus on making things - anything - with what skills I had. In this case it was code and possibly art and I just focused on making more stuff in the hopes that something would stick.

Fast forward 10 years later, that drive and focus never went away. My concern with building is not of its final success or the ability for something to generate lots of income or press - it's to understand more of where my head is currently at.

I hope people that read this who struggle with that fear and uncertainty realize it's sometimes something you can overcome on your own with determination but sometimes it means you need to ask for help from others to get the ball rolling.

Positive feedback and encouragement can go a long way to help get you out of a shipping fear/rut and you need to not let it eat up your self esteem.

Nobody knows what they are doing. Nobody is perfect. Everyone is just playing a role on the theatre of life.